Certificate of Authenticity


When you buy a painting, a Certificate of Authenticity is issued attesting the authorship. This Certificate will attest that the painting was created either from the artist’s inspiration or from her own real-life experience and not from any other artist’s reproduction. Will also appear on the Certificate the title of the painting and date of execution of the painting as well as the medium used and the name of Claire Philibert, artist, Laval, Quebec, Canada.


Definition of a Certificate of Authenticity and what to do with it

The authentication of a work of art is established by means of a document issued at the time of the acquisition of the work, to which the buyer refers: it is the Certificate of Authenticity.

It serves to identify and authenticate a work of art, whatever it is: a painting, a sculpture, or a photograph. The Certificate usually contains several relevant information, thereby confirming its validity. By extension, the artist will always retain his copyright, even after the work is sold.

The origin and identity of an artistic work are therefore defined by the Certificate of Authenticity. It also makes it possible to secure the value of the work when it is resold. It is important to emphasize that it is advantageous for a buyer to receive a Certificate of Authenticity, as it values and gives credibility the reputation of the artist.

The author of the work remains the right person to establish a Certificate of Authenticity.

Note that the invoice can be used to identify the work in certain cases.

Finally, the purchaser of the work must carefully keep his Certificate of Authenticity. In case of loss, the artist can provide him with another certificate.

Prices of the paintings

Prices of the art paintings are determined by their size and the complexity of the work. The price of paintings represents an all-inclusive. There is no reimbursement or exchange on the sold works of art. All the sales are final.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available happening the case where you would want to offer a present to one of your relatives, friends or working collegues.