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Artworks and techniques used by Claire Philibert, artist painter

Claire Philibert, is an artist painter of Laval in Quebec, Canada, who is passionate of her art. She paints with all the emotion of the very present moment. Her artworks are the result of her feelings and of her passion.

The common mediums are mainly oil, acrylic, and the mixed technique.


The mixed technique 

To achieve the latter, Claire uses different materials such as fiber of jute or net of plastic. They are first glued on the canvas and they are then coated with acrylic paint, then allowing to create a picture in two dimensions. Thereafter , Claire Philibert, artist painter, unleashes her imagination to develop an inspiring subject.


The paintings with craquelures

The paintings with craquelures also define a mixed technique. A dough is first spreaded on the canvas with a spatula and dry-cracked with a special dryer. Finally, the canvas is coated with acrylic paint.


Variant of the mixed technique

Another variant of this technique also consists in coloring the brush of paint and then to coat it with sand. The application combined by these two components gives the relief to the painting.


The  representative printings

The representative printings from elements of the nature such as imprints of flowers or leaves are very interesting aspects of the mixed technique. The paintings of art Leaves in madness 1 and Leaves in madness 2 of the Album of still life are perfect examples..


In this section, the gallery of paintings is a collection of Claire Philibert’s artworks, artist painter of Laval, in Quebec, Canada, in which you will find collagesfigurative paintings, still life paintings, floral subjectslandscapes paintings, semi-abstract and abstract paintings. This is the core of her art. Let the pleasure of the senses be all yours now in the Gallery of paintings, Album sections.

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Feuilles en folie 2