The artist, Claire Philibert

Claire Philibert is an artist painter of Laval in Quebec who has explored many artistic paths. She has studied at first her art at the Artistic School Pinceaux d'Art with André Julien, a professional artist. She also studied the portrait at the Artistic School Couleur d’Art of Montreal and finally at the Ateliers CRÉaction with Nicole Dubé, a recognized painter, so much in Canada as abroad.

Since then, she developed different styles which varied along her career. She focuses now on crafting her paintings with the oil and the acrylic : realism, album of collages, figurative paintingsstill life paintings,, floral subjects, landscapes paintingssemi-abstract and abstract paintingsIt is yours now to uncover her personality through her painting.

The Claire's sources of inspiration

This artist painter of Laval in Quebec discovered her passion for visual art when she the least expected it: with the representational drawing. Her sources of inspiration are multiple: 

  • ♦ the harmony of colours appreciated in her urban and countryside hikes,
  • ♦her most beautiful memories drawn from her memory : the family home, her childhood, her teenage years, her love...,
  • ♦ the landscaping of her garden
  • as well as her love for birds - her birds - bring her personal touch to her artworthe landscaping of her garden. 

The play of colours, their mixing and the emotion that she feels during her first brush stroke are other elements that play a vital role when the lover of art has a look at the canvas.

Claire Philibert has a penchant for hot tints such as the red, the black or the orange. She combines colours with soft nuances colored with green or with beige, for example. It is often these colours which we find in her realistic or abstract paintings.

All these components inspired her and gave life to the paintings you are about to discoverThe beauty lies not only in the wholesome art but also in the expression of emotion in which the painting arouses you in

Do you want to embellish your intimate environment? To decorate the walls of your house? To provide a source of inspiration? Or offer an ornamental gift to a friend or a relative? So, let Claire guides you towards her gallery of images.

Enjoy your visit !