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An artist, a region, a passion

À la croisée des chemins

Welcome on the Claire Philibert’s website. This artist painter is native of the Lanaudière region in Quebec, Canada. She now lives in a peacefull neighbourhood in Laval, where she creates her paintings with passion.

Take a few minutes to discover Claire. Read about her training in art, see the styles of paintings in which she is interested, and her both emotional and imaginary sources of inspiration.  Locate the places of her exhibitions of the past  and the current ones.

Furthermore, the section Techniques used explains you techniques applied to her paintings, the used mediums from arise paintings of art full of aesthetic colours, feelings and imagination.

Do not either forget to go through virtually the galleries of images of this artist painter of Laval in Quebec, Canada, to appreciate her artworks. There's something for everyone : realism to abstract thus showing to its artistic versatility.

You are also asked to read an extract of the article of Journal Le Nord.com written by the journalist, Mathieu Ste-Marie. It was published on October 2016 following a Claire Philibert's vernissage of an exhibition at the Sentiers commémoratifs de la Rivière in Prévost. This article testifies of her talent, a talent that expressed itself very first time by representational drawing there well  over 10 years ago. The visual art was then imperative for her.

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